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Arctos Labs speak at the Edge Compute Congress in London

Arctos Labs is giving a speak at the Edge Compute Congress in London. The event was packed with people active in the Edge compute industry. We had numerous meetings that confirmed our technology is highly relevant and interesting. This is … read more


Arctos Labs debuts Edge Cloud Placement Optimization

  Edge Compute promise to deliver needed characteristics, such as bandwidth off-load, lower latency etc. One of the key challenges with a distributed cloud concept is that the combination of connectivity and compute location needs to be controlled to acheive … read more


Arctos Labs in collaboration for OSM official PoC

Arctos Labs have been leading a PoC project together with Telenor, Wind River and Netrounds. The PoC showcase intelligent workload placement in distributed (edge) cloud environments as an add-on to native OSM capabilities. It uses Netrounds live monitoring for latency … read more

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Arctos Labs won the Connect-company of the year

Connect is a network of experienced capitalists and knowledgeable people striving to help entrepreneaurs becoming successful. It was created in California in 1986 (read more). Arctos Labs held a pitch of our Distributed Cloud innovation at one of their events, and … read more


Seasons Greetings

  We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our thoughts go to all the children in need all over the world, which cause us to donate to Save the Children foundation

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Welcome to Satendar Singh

We wish to welcome Satendar Singh to the Arctos Labs team. Satendar brings a wide experience from world leading telecom vendors and silicon manufacturers from variuos parts of the world. Satendar has huge experience in the low level embedded programming … read more


Seasons Greetings

The virtualized Santa at Arctos Labs wants to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We intend to make this piece of SW open source and engage a bigger community to contribute a more fair and efficient algorithm for … read more

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Seasons Greetings from all at ArctosLabs

It is soon the period of the year when most of us can enjoy quality time with our families. It is well deserved! This year we put an extra thought to all of those around the world which do not … read more