Årets Connectföretag_Small

Connect is a network of experienced capitalists and knowledgeable people striving to help entrepreneaurs becoming successful. It was created in California in 1986 (read more).

Arctos Labs held a pitch of our Distributed Cloud innovation at one of their events, and for that we ended up winning the first regional “best company” award, and for that we are proud.

The motivation is just wonderful (pardon my translation that just dont justify the poetry):

“In a time when increasing amount of “Zeros” and “Ones” throw themselves out on the electronic highways in search for treatment in the centralized cloud far away from their home and loved ones, has this company with great enthusiasm and competence from the telecom area showed unique and smart solutions that can control which of these bits that really need to do this dangerous and time consuming travel and which bits that rather can be treated closer to home”. Original: Roger Eliasson, Connect Sverige


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