I was reading an interesting article in Light Reading the other day. It was about whether Telco’s are missing the huge digital transition that is ongoing in industries today. Although many Telco’s are talking about Industry 4.0, IoT and all kinds of other fancy future technologies, they tend to miss out to embark on what is going on today.

When enterprises move their business onto a digital platform, there is a huge need for communication capabilities. Probably one of the biggest opportunities for Telco’s in decades. Enterprises need a range of services, ranging from payment, security, data analytics, work force management, cloud services, broadband to everywhere etc. Those needs are here and now, but it seems Telco’s have not yet arrived in an agile enough culture and are therefore more focused towards potential needs of the future.

So, the big question is; When will the telecom industry be agile enough so to start address those needs? This is a new competitive landscape where big IT companies and OTT players are active. The need for integration services are high, its more about selling solutions than products, customer relations and intimacy are critical.

Can telecom companies establish a culture needed to grasp those market opportunities? It´s definitely time to get moving! Otherwise the telecom industry might find itself left in the desert being no longer especially relevant. The basic value proposition from telecoms is more needed now than ever, but everybody takes it for granted. It becomes like roads and railways!