The list below represents some typical assignments in which our background can help. The list is not exhaustive, but represents a set of examples to stimulate your imagination. Please don’t hesitate to contact our CEO or Sales in case you want to know more about how Arctos Labs can assist your company in the telecom transformation.


  • Technology strategy consultation. Navigating the width of acronyms and concepts popping up is really time consuming, and evaluating their maturity and usefulness is even more difficult. Arctos Labs is well suited to deliver such investigations that helps Clients in speeding up their cloud transformation.
  • Operational framework architectures for network automation. Defining a suitable operational framework is complex. Making use of suitable open source components, enabling the needed API exposure and model driven concepts will be key to avoid unwanted lock-ins. These assignments helps Clients to enable the needed Service agility.
  • Model development to enable DevOps & automation. In order to harvest the benefits, there needs to be real model development done, whilst at the same time evolve a proper DevOps environment and build the skills needed for the future. This step is what separates the successful companies from the rest. We have the needed competence and experience to be a key facilitator of such evolution.
  • Testing & Validation of network SW. When transforming towards a telco cloud, clients need to establish a streamlined way of managing new SW releases. The ability to test and validate a new piece of SW in an automated fashion is crucial to agility and cost-control. These assignments helps client to define their tool-chains and procedures by which these recurring tasks can be fully automated.