In order to secure that we deliver our Creative telecom promise to our clients, we apply a tailored methodology. It contains a set of actions, all of them there to deliver an important contribution.


Problem definition

Often, you can find people working hard to solve problems without having a full understanding of which problem to solve. Spending substantial time in understanding the problem will contribute to the value of any solution. In our way of working we focus on collecting as much facts as possible describing the characteristics of the situation at the client. Facts are undisputable! This phase of any assignment requires a tight interaction with the client.



Forming a hypothesis about the way forward is the key element in finding a solution. This is where the creativity and ability to analyze the facts comes into the puzzle. We try to identify the 20% of the overall problem domain that very often contribute to 80% of the situation. We apply work-shops involving the entire team as well as the client to outline a hypothesis early in the assignment as this gives us a clear target.


Kill your darlings

Equally important during the life time of an assignment is to be able to critically assess your assumptions and results. We always appoint a person outside the immediate project to follow the project with the role of continuously critically question the results achieved. This way we can avoid our consultants to fall in love with their proposed solutions and instead change direction in case that is needed.


Client interaction

We are strong believers in that results are only valuable if they are completely understood by the receiver. Spending time with the various organizational parts of the client is therefore of vital importance during the life-time of the assignment in order to enable a continuous flow of information.