Posted on Nov 25, 2015

Here we collect articles and papers that contributes our opinion about the evolution of modern communications landscape.


Open Networking Summit 2019

Using open source in networking is a trend that accelerates continuously. Service providers are increasingly going from talking about it to actually deploying open source. Open Networking Summit is one of the premier events on this trend. Arctos Labs attended this years show, and the report is available here.

2019-04-30 Open Networking Summit 2019


Validating VNFs on a Cloud Infrastructure

The ability to understand the full scope of testing and validation of VNFs are crucial to CSPs in acheiving needed quality. CSPs need to asses which aspects of testing and validation are to be carried out in-house, and what is to be covered elsewhere. There is no obviuos “one-size-fits-all”, and variuos initiatives launched cover only a subset of aspects. This paper outlines all aspects and discuss variuos approaches possible.

2017-04-20 Validating VNFs on a Cloud infrastructure


PoC Demonstrates Automated Assurance and DevOps in Service Chains and 5G Network Slices

Communication Service Providers continue to push their capabilities in Service Automation. A lot of focus is being put into MANO functionality. In front of the MWC 2017 event Arctos Labs took part in developing a Proof of Concept that bring in the element of Service activation test and assurance into a DevOps scenario where the complete orchestration is automated. This becomes increasingly important for CSPs that want to continue from Network Element virtualization to a cloud service business model.

Arctos Labs are engaged in activities in this accelerating area that will build up towards 5G network slicing where more of the needed network capabilities will become available. Some Use cases can however be transformed already with todays technology.

2017-03-09 DevOpsPoCWhitepaper_022817nr-infographic-for-print


The Journeys of the Transformation

Most Communication Service Providers are currently trying to figure out how to get started in what might be their biggest change ever. It has been debated for long on how CSPs can avoid being “bit pipes” only, and claim a position higher up in the value chain. Such a transformation require a substantial change of culture, fueled by the emerging NFV and SDN technologies.

In this White Paper, we outline some of these transformation challenges. The paper stretch the view with the purpose of outlining a vision. It can serve as a teaser for cultural changes needed.

2016-12-07 the-journeys-of-the-transformation


Service Level Awareness – Networld 2020 view

This report from Networld 2020, co-authored by Arctos Labs, outlines potential evolution needed for the telco industry to meet future Service requirements in being able to deliver Service level agreements. The ability to control QoS over an end-to-end network covering multiple operators thereby ensuring a proper quality of experience is assumed to be critical to grow future B2B service creation. Although the report outline promising concepts, the report also touch on the issue of net neutrality.

2016-09-22 networld2020_wp_service-level-awareness_final_june-16


Research report on solar powered mobile infrastructure for extreme rural

This research paper gives a comprehensive summary on technologies needed to acheive a mobile infrastructure capable to deliver broadband to extreme rural locations utilizing solar powered base stations. The paper states that such targets are within reach, but also outlines further research needed within the 5G community as well as in the area of energy.

Not only would the concepts described deliver broadband to people that today live without, it would also enable an infrastructure with radically lower operations costs and carbon foot-print as energy consumption are put in focus.

2016-07-04 Mobile Communications in extreme rural – can solar power be the solution?


Organic Integration for Telco Cloud Transformation

Many TELCO’s face the challenge of how to embark on the Cloud trend. The Cloud transformation implies not only a new technology in parts of their network, but to a larger extent a transformation of the entire organization. This implies a monumental transformation program planning and execution challenge.

This paper outlines a feasible method – organic integration based on anatomy – by which new technical and operational concepts can be integrated and realized in a stepwise and planned manner. It is a well-proven approach that provides good visibility of targets and progress in a transparent way to project teams and higher management.

2016-02-17 Organic Integration forTelco Cloud Transformation


Why is 5G research not addressing the 2 billion not connected?

This paper outlines concepts and reasoning behind the lack of interest from research bodies related to 5G for the 2 billion not connected. There is compelling societal arguments for why those should be connected to the Internet, but the lack of business cases makes it a hard sell for operators. But as mankind becomes increasingly dependent on a decent connection we should really consider how to support these scenarios. In this paper some promising technologies are introduced.

2015-11-25 Is Anyone Out There


On Integration of Network Function Virtualization

This paper outlines an overall view on the integration challenges that will face a Communication Service Provider (CSP) wanting to extensively utilize NFV & SDN technologies in their networks.

NFV & SDN represent groundbreaking technologies, but more than technical challenges there will be organizational ditto. The overall goal of introducing these technologies needs to be driven by business goals making the CSP more efficient and innovative in order to stay relevant in the future.
This implies that such transformation projects will require the combination of deep technical understanding with the drive and commitment to transform the organization to reach the goals.
Traditional vendors have a big incentive in positioning themselves as the prime advisor to the CSP, but we argue there is also a need for independent advice and technical knowledge within the CSP organization in order to maximize the opportunities enabled.

2015-10-02 Outlining the need for System Integration as result of Network Function Virtualization


Is Network Function Virtualization hype?

Over the last two years the term NFV has been increasingly used in the telecoms community. Quite often NFV together with SDN is claimed to be the “silver-bullet” of telecom operators, somehow indicating a way that most of the problems experienced by operators can be solved it seems.

In this paper we try to highlight some of the issues with the NFV, not with the intention on being negative. We are supporters of the basic ideas and think NFV is an important step towards much more agile telecom architecture. With this paper we just want to contribute to tuning the expectations towards a more realistic level.

2014-11-18 Is_NFV_a_hype.pdf


Small Cell as a Service

Mobile operators (MNOs) face a huge challenge in meeting the data explosion. Small cells are an obvious option to meet such a capacity issue, but it comes with substantial challenges to overcome site provisioning, backhaul and radio interference issues.

This paper presents an alternative approach where independent companies can be stimulated to contribute to the infrastructure deployment through a more organic way thereby assisting in meeting the capacity demand.

Small Cell-as-a-Service has been presented by other papers previously but this idea needs a feasible way of integrating the operations environments of both the MNO and the provider overcoming the network sharing governance challenges seen by traditional RAN sharing schemes.

2014-02-18 Small_Cells_as_a_Service.pdf


What if things change?

Today´s teenagers quickly learn the concept of free WiFi. What happens when they grow up and operators hope they will pay for connectivity? Urban cities are increasingly covered by WiFi, in many cases free WiFi. Such hot-spots are quickly discovered by young and price sensitive youngsters and often support their nomadic life-style. So if those users get used to using free WiFi almost only, what will happen when they grow up?

Important message to the telecom operators: What if teenagers will be the future mobile users?

2013-12-17 What_if_Things_Change.pdf