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Technologies that optimize hybrid and edge computing and its networking


Edge Compute Optimization

Arctos Labs introduces a placement technology that enables workload placement optimization that continuously can assess the most optimal distribution of workload components across an edge-to-central cloud continuum in a closed-loop concept. Read more in our White Paper

Arctos Labs Placement Optimization now released

Arctos Labs Edge Cloud Placement Optimization technology is now released as an integral part of release eight of the Open source MANO project. Our technology enables optimization on how virtual network functions are distributed across multiple PoP’s taking compute and link attributes into account to achieve latency constraints

Discover our edge cloud placement optimization technology

Arctos Labs in international Edge Compute research project

Arctos Labs is engaged in a international research collaboration project led by Ericsson to explore technologies for Edge Compute. The project – ANIARA – consists of partners from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Turkey and Great Britain and is funded through the Celtic programme.

Creative Telecom Concept

Emerging technologies

Our broad knowledge and experience from working hands-on with the latest technologies bring our clients to the forefront of technical development. Our experience also makes us suitable to judge which of the latest trends that has the potential to bring value to your business in the near term.

Creative Telecom Concept

Creativity & Experience

Our broad knowledge and experience from working hands-on with Cloud, software defined networking, edge compute & 5G makes us suitbale to help clients navigating the increasingly complex tech landscape.

Creative Telecom Concept


Theoretical knowledge alone will not solve your challenges. The craftsmanship of an excellent engineer is always needed. This element results in selecting the appropriate methods and approaches to find the way forward and reach the targets.

The team of Arctos Labs has extensive experience from developing some of the most successful network products on the telecom market today. Our team members have been lead architects of overall systems and product architectures, as well as being instrumental in project, product and business management for the leading telecom vendors. We are currently engaged in a variety of telco cloud transformation activities including operators.