Distribute your workloads across the edge-to-cloud continuum

Policy management and model-driven optimization for edge to cloud computing and its networking

Acheive required latency and performance at lowest possible cost

Optimizing the edge-to-cloud continuum

Arctos Labs provides technology and a software solution, Edge Cloud Optimization (ECO), that can optimize a network of computing locations distributed across a geographic area and connected into an edge-to-cloud continuum and how it’s being used.
In a world of increasing data velocity, micro-services, user mobility, and dynamic load fluctuation, there are many considerations to make. The cost-performance balance, data privacy, and sustainability are among the aspects that need attention. These aspects apply to Hybrid IT, Multi-cloud, Edge computing, and Telco cloud scenarios, just to name a few.

When the number of alternatives grows and usage becomes more dynamic, the optimization challenge is beyond human comprehension, and computer-based intelligence such as Arctos Labs ECO is needed.

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What is the Arctos Labs ECO solution?

ECO is a software solution that provides policy management, policy enforcement, and optimization capabilities.
It is intended to extend the features of client systems, such as IT automation, Orchestrators, or planning tools by integrating ECO into such solutions.

Integrating ECO enables for example:
– optimal distribution of computing capacity
– optimal placement of workloads
– route optimization
taking compute and network metrics into account

ECO is built with a unique model-driven concept that enables use-case flexibility regarding which metric data to use as input, and what the optimization criteria are.
ECO is easily integrated into client systems and data sources using a plug-in architecture.
ECO is built on top of leading open-source projects such as MiniZinc and Open Policy Agent.

You can license the ECO solution under a variety of licensing schemes. Arctos Labs also offers a range of accompanying services for requirement analysis and integration services.

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Contact us for a discussion on how Arctos Labs can save costs, improve performance, or increase sustainability.

About Arctos Labs

We are a team of very experienced software professionals with a passion for innovation. Our background spans from being lead architects for many of the products you use when making your daily mobile phone calls, to business and product management.

We are long-time trusted partners for Tier-1 network vendors and service providers.

During a client assignment for 5G R&D, we started to think about how to distribute workloads across a fleet of edge computing locations. That challenge became a mission as there are so many aspects to consider. That mission resulted in our ECO solution for which we have applied patent protection.

Imagine a future where computing is a commodity just like electricity or water, where the resources for computing you need, are just around the corner but also optimally linked to the cloud. Imagine a world where data is generated at an exponential pace, and we move the compute closer to where the data is created instead of moving the data to where the compute resides. To start our digital future journey, we need to master how software components can be optimally distributed across a computing grid.

These are some of the reasons why we at Arctos Labs started to develop our ground-breaking edge cloud optimization technology. We wanted to enable a holistic optimization that combines data, data transportation, and computation into a holistic view.

Through this initiative, we think we contribute to a better world by lowering the energy footprint imposed by our computation, as well as providing an optimized compute grid that is more fit for purpose.

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