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Here we collect articles and papers that contributes our opinion about the evolution of modern communications landscape.


Placement of Workloads in Edge & Cloud Networks

Edge compute promise to deliver cloud computing capabilities for tomorrows applications and exploding amount of data. Networks with edge compute are complex, and the risk being underutilized and nonprofitable is prominent. This is because the delicate balance of proximity to users to achieve performance vs the scale to enable a stable statistical utilization. This paper introduces Arctos Labs placement technology to enable workload placement optimization that continuously can assess the most optimal distribution of workload components across an edge-to-central cloud continuum in a closed-loop concept.
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Open Networking Summit 2019

Using open source in networking is a trend that accelerates continuously. Service providers are increasingly going from talking about it to actually deploying open source. Open Networking Summit is one of the premier events on this trend. Arctos Labs attended this years show, and the report is available here.
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Validating VNFs on a Cloud Infrastructure

The ability to understand the full scope of testing and validation of VNFs are crucial to CSPs in acheiving needed quality. CSPs need to asses which aspects of testing and validation are to be carried out in-house, and what is to be covered elsewhere. There is no obviuos “one-size-fits-all”, and variuos initiatives launched cover only a subset of aspects. This paper outlines all aspects and discuss variuos approaches possible.
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